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Forty - a significant number

Submitted by: ChristineHuntington WV

The significance of the number forty in the Bible is well known.   Jesus was forty days in the desert, the rains came upon Noah and the ark for forty days, but for Marion, forty is the number of years she has served the residents of our local state mental hospital.   Actually, Marion is working on her next forty years of service by sponsoring bingo with prizes, offering refreshments, laughter, and compassion to those forgotten by our society.   Marion insures the patients celebrate Christmas by searching for a tree and collecting items so all will  have the joy of receiving a Christmas gift.   In her spare time, Marion works once a week in our school.  Two generations now have been lovingly served by Marion who has seen milk money rise from a nickel and has gone from operating a mimeograph machine to a computer generated copier.   Of course a forty hour work week is not in Marion's vocabulary.  After giving of her time at the mental hospital and the school, she finds time to volunteer at the local Ronald McDonald House and serves the bereaved through our Lazarus Ministry.   Obviously Marion draws her strength from God as she attends church regularly.   As Marion moves towards the gentle age of 40 x 2, she is an inspiration to all who know her.   Marion does not give of herself four-fold, but forty-fold.

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